Translating Architecture

I was honoured to be invited by the author and the publisher, Cavalo do Mar, to make the PT-EN translation of this book. This is Part 1 (pre-1975) of two in the analysis of Maputo’s façades, with Part 2 (post-1975) coming soon in 2020. Stay tuned…

Maputo, Para Lá da Pele (Maputo, Beyond the Skin) is a timely tome which “reads” the skin of Maputo’s building façades pre-1975, to derive meanings that go beyond what the eyes see. States the author, Júlio Carrilho:

“To see beyond the skin requires the ability to x-ray the built environment and understand its spatial qualities, establish temporal references, gauge the interior levels of comfort provided by natural light, ventilation, adequate exposure, in short by respecting the place as physical entity. Moreover, it requires being able to dive into the anthropogenic dimensions that are revealed, and question the reasons and processes that determine them. Without this insight, the specialized analysis of form, function, space and appearance, although interesting, results in fragmentary visions of the city, decontextualized or even prejudiced”.

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